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Satellite meeting "Spectral Theory of Coulomb Systems - Symposion in honor of Heinz Siedentop on the occasion of his 60th birthday"
Organizers: Volker Bach (Braunschweig), Laszlo Erdös (Munich), Rupert Frank (Princeton), Simone Warzel (Munich)


Jan Philip Solovej (Copenhagen, Denmark): "The ground state energy and excitation spectrum of Bosonic atoms"
Saturday 20 April 2013, 14:40 - 15:15
Amphi Hermite


Abstract: I will discuss recent work with Lewin, Nam, and Serfaty on the Bogolubov approximation in the mean field limit of Bose gases. This extends earlier work of Seiringer on the excitation spectrum. In particular, our work allows the treatment of the asymptotics of large atoms with bosonic "electrons", which I will discuss as the main example. The main result in this case is the asymptotics of the ground state and excited energies to an accuracy which gives the leading term of the energy differences.