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Conference on "Variational and spectral methods in Quantum Field Theory"
Organizers: Volker Bach (Braunschweig), Maria J. Esteban (CNRS), Mathieu Lewin (CNRS), Eric Séré (Paris-Dauphine)


Jean-Bernard Bru (Bilbao, Spain): "AC-Conductivity Measure from the Entropy Production of Fermions in Disordered Media"
Thursday 25 April 2013, 15:20 - 16:05
Amphi Hermite


I will present a notion of "AC-conductivity measure" in linear response theory for free fermions on the lattice subjected to a random potential and an electric field that is time- and space-dependent. This notion is based on the positivity of the entropy production and Bochner's theorem. I will additionally explain Green-Kubo relations involving time-correlations of bosonic fields coming from current fluctuations in the system. General properties of the AC-conductivity measure, as its behavior at large, small and moderate randomness, will also be discussed.

Joint work with W. de Siqueira Pedra and C. Kurig.