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Conference on "Variational and spectral methods in Quantum Field Theory"
Organizers: Volker Bach (Braunschweig), Maria J. Esteban (CNRS), Mathieu Lewin (CNRS), Eric Séré (Paris-Dauphine)


Jérémy Faupin (Bordeaux, France): "Resolvent smoothness and local decay at low energies for the standard model of non-relativistic QED"
Monday 22 April 2013, 11:55 - 12:40
Amphi Hermite


In this talk we consider an atom interacting with the quantized electromagnetic field in the standard model of non-relativistic QED. The nucleus is supposed to be fixed. We study smoothness of the resolvent and local decay of the photon dynamics for quantum states in a spectral interval I just above the ground state energy. Our aim is to justify that, in some sense, the propagation velocity of low-energy photons is momentum independent, which reflects the constant speed of light.

Joint work with J.-F. Bony.