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Young Seminar
Organizers: Douglas Lundholm (IHP) & Julien Sabin (Cergy)


Nikolaj Veniaminov (Paris Dauphine): "Thermodynamic limit for interacting fermions in a random medium. A simple one-dimensional model"
Wednesday 17 April 2013, 15:30 - 16:30
Amphi Darboux


Abstract: In this talk, I will first introduce a general model of interacting quantum particles in a disordered environment and give some basic general results. Next, the thermodynamic limit for the ground state wave function and the energy per particle will be studied in detail in a small particle density approximation and for a simple one-dimensional model of disorder. The energy asymptotics capturing the main effect of the interactions on the ground state will be given and the corresponding one- and two-particle density matrices will be given a "good" approximation.