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Organizers: Maria Esteban (Paris-Dauphine) & Mathieu Lewin (Cergy)


Matthias Westrich (Montréal, Canada): "The Spectral Structure of the Electronic Black Box Hamiltonian"
Monday 01 July 2013, 14:00 - 15:00
Amphi Darboux


Abstract: We give results on the absence of singular continuous spectrum of the one-particle Hamiltonian underlying the electronic black box model (EBB). The EBB has been one of the basic paradigms in the recent developments in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. Our main motivation comes from the fact that the absence of singular continuous spectrum is crucial for the rigorous derivation of the Landauer-Büttiker formula, which relates the thermodynamical currents to the corresponding transmission coefficients. This talk is based on joint work with P. Grech and V. Jaksic.