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Organizers: Maria Esteban (Paris-Dauphine) & Mathieu Lewin (Cergy)


Alexei Iantchenko (Malmö, Sweden): "Scattering resonances for Dirac operators with compactly supported potentials"
Monday 03 June 2013, 14:00 - 15:00
Amphi Darboux


Abstract: I will consider the Dirac systems on the line and the Dirac operators with spherically symmetric compactly supported potentials. The  resonances are defined as the poles of scattering matrix or equivalently as the zeros of modified Fredholm determinant. I will discuss the properties of the resonances as follows
1) asymptotics of counting function,
2) estimates on the resonances and the forbidden domain,
3) the trace formula in terms of resonances.