Conferences in May 2013

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May 29-31, 2013: SATELLITE MEETING
"Conical Intersections in Mathematical Physics"
Organizers: Ugo Boscain (Paris), Gianluca Panati (Rome)

List of invited speakers:

R. Adami (Turin, Italy), A. Agrachev (Trieste, Italy),  C. Fermanian (Paris, France), G. Hagedorn (Virginia Tech, USA), A. Joye (Grenoble, France),  C. Lasser (Munich, Germany), M. Lewin (Cergy-Pontoise, France), D. Monaco (Trieste, Italy), M. Porta (Bonn, Germany), M. Sigalotti (Paris, France), A. Trombettoni (Trieste, Italy)

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